Keeping Training Simple

Whats the "best" training split? 

If I had to choose only one, Id go with a push/pull/legs style split

PPL programs are classic programs, and they probably the most used programming template in the fitness, and for good reason: the programming model is endlessly adaptable for practically ANY kind of goal.

PPL programs divided the body into three general sections,

Pushing muscles, which are shoulders, chest, and triceps.

Pulling muscles, which are back and biceps.

And then legs, which are all the the muscles of the lower body.

The PPL program can be adapted to powerlifting, bodybuilding, athletic training, or general "average joe" fitness. The division of training days is sensible, the workout data is easy to track, and workouts are endlessly customizable.

I have not reinvented the wheel with my take on the PPL program

Long time readers know, I don't make hyperbolic claims about anything I do being "revolutionary". My version of the PPL program uses the same principles Ive espoused for a long time

-Effective Exercise selection

-Multiple rep ranges

-Development of muscle from multiple lines of movement

The AJAC PPL program is 4 days a week

One reason why PPL programs are popular is because 4 days is the proverbial "sweet spot" schedule for developing strength and muscle. You're very unlikely to ever under-recover, or overtrain. 

You always have 3 days each week to recover. Depending on how you structure the schedule, you can train two days in a row, and then take another two days of recovery before training again.

PPL programs work because they can deliver on multiple goals

-Building muscle, they do that

-Getting stronger? Done

-Need to lose bodyfat? Perfect schedule to follow to maintain muscle and not overtrain 

The AJAC PPL Program has both a "big gym" version and home gym version

The home gym version requires a squat rack, dbs, and pullup and dip bars. It is NOT a zero equipment program. 

For anyone that has ever asked "do you have a program thats 4 days a week", THIS is the program for you.

The AJAC Push Pull Legs Program is on sale for only $25

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