Last chance to get Tor Program

What's up people

Something about Tor today.

I wrote it for the serious trainees who want to build muscle mass. It's not for the dabblers. Tor is a 6 month program and as such requires that much commitment and dedication.

I wrote it using Chris Hemsworth, the actor who played Thor, as a case study to understanding the investment, mindset, and habits that go into transforming a physique from "lean and fit" to big and muscular.

Tor is a favorite of many of my long-time followers. Every time they can afford to spend the time and every time they want serious growth, they redo the Tor program.

It's intensive and gets results.

  • over 144 workouts

  • 6 days of training weekly

  • three distinct phases of training. 

  • detailed guidelines on nutrition and how to eat for muscle gain

  • how to eat for your body type

  • how to ensure you gain weight every week 

  • you will NEED a gym with free weights for this program

And it's updated for 2021.

That said I'm retiring Tor soon as I don't want to keep updating this. New followers won't be aware of the movie or the character any more. My following has grown diverse. It'd be pointless especially considering I have equivalent programs.

Now's your last chance to get Tor. It's detailed with diet covered. Sells for $62, but now you can get it for $20.

I'll retire it in a week or two.

Here's a before and after of a recent Trainee who completed the Tor Program:

Click here to get Tor for the last time for the sale price of $20 (usually $62).

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Build Godly physique with Tor