Last Day and only 12 Hours remaining...

Today is the final day to get Bodyweight Bedrock at Launch price

To clarify some questions people have asked

  • -You DO need access to bodyweight training equipment; chin up bar, dip bars, and some kind of suspension trainer. This is not a Zero equipment program
  • -Workout wise, the workouts are about 1 hour to complete at least. They contain 7-8 exercises. If you want a program thats 20 minute workouts, its not the program for that
  • -The program is 4 days of resistance training workouts, and 3 days of cardiovascular training. You could forego the cardio, but if you want the magical "Build muscle, burn" fat combo effect to happen, DO THE CARDIO

If there's something you're unsure about, reply and ask, I'll be happy to answer

The rest of you, get the bedrock program

Bodyweight Bedrock is Happening