Mass Gain at 6'6

This was a gentlemen who has done the Tall Man Program.

AJAC, I wanted to provide a before and after testimonial. I used your tall man training program over the last year. The 2 photos provided are 3 months and about 18lbs apart, as well I am 6’6! Since then I’ve put on an additional 8lbs. The tall man training program was great for my body type and the entire time I had no new injuries.

I always enjoy seeing these results. Contrary to popular marketing, mass gain is a long term process, and it takes time to build appreciable size. This gentlemen is on his way to many more months and weeks of steady progression.

This guy is also a perfect example of who I created this program for.

For tall men who’ve been called “lanky,” “stick,” and “SKINNY”...

I am myself 6’2, not exceptionally tall obviously, but above average in height. I reached my full height when I was 15, which is also when I began lifting.

Growing up, like most young guys, I wanted to be bigger. I watched superhero movies, read comic books, picked up muscle magazines, and idolized a heroic looking physique. I imagined what it would be like to be 250+ lbs and be massive.

Lo and behold, that was NOT in my genetic cards. And further, I realized that building mass as a tall lifter, it was HARD. I started lifting when I was 15, and I weighed 160lbs. I noticed fast that shorter, stockier guys had immense leverage advantages at a lot of movements.

You’re frustrated because others grow faster

When you are over 6 feet in height, it makes lots of exercises awkward. The reason for this comes from having longer lever length than the average person, particularly in the femurs (leg bone) and humerus (upper arm bone), and also the origin and insertion points of your muscles and tendons.

Said simple, the tall lifter must deal with a few unique issues that vary significantly from other lifters who are below six feet in height. If you are a tall lifter than you will be quite familiar with this list.

Many exercises are more stressful on the joints than the muscles

Building size is difficult

Maximal strength is usually not something you’re great at either

Training progression can be frustratingly slow

You see shorter friends make way more progress than you

These problems are not going away for tall lifters. And they will only get worse if not addressed properly.

A method built on the past 11 years of work

I've trained a number of tall men and tall women, and they more or less experienced the same issues. You must be creative and non-dogmatic if you want exceptional results.

I learned with time that conventional exercises don't always work, and in studying the body and studying the methods of successful taller athletes and bodybuilders, I devised an overall method guided by proven principles.

There are a number of “secrets” of tall lifters that I’ve learned from hundreds of hours of training them:

  • The 1RM, 2RM, and 3RM are NOT the best strength assessment for tall lifters
  • There are special advantages tall lifters can tap into for bodyweight movements
  • Heavy squats are not the “go to” exercise for tall legs (you must do something else)
  • Deadlifts off the floor are a no go for the exceptionally tall - I can tell you WHY this is
  • What others call “bad form” can be the secret to growth for those above average in height

There are many other lessons, both tactical hacks and meta-principles, to guide training. This product is in essence a shortcut to the years that I’ve spent working with tall lifters and training my own body.

This program is more than a program, but a training philosophy, and if you are a man over 6ft tall looking to optimize your training, BELIEVE me its worth the investment.

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