Naked and Beautiful

My newest training guide "Ancient Athleticism" was just released yesterday. 

The Ancient Greeks believed truth, beauty, and goodness to be inseparable from aesthetic FORM.

How something looked was not a surface level phenomenon, but was an mutli-level manifestation of the metaphysical nature of the object itself and the divine forces that comprised it.

As such...the Greeks trained like maniacs. As far back as 750 BC, it was recorded that the culture of Physicality was so dominant that every city in Greece had a gymnasium, and that men trained daily there. To train was prayer, mediation, and physical/mental development all in one.

Prior to this guide, you'd have had to scour through academic journals, websites, and multitude of books to acquire this knowledge. 

Its not secret, but its not easy to find either. 

BUT, I did the research, wrote the essays, and now you can access it all in one place

Learn How To

-Train like an Olympic Athlete

-Live a Solar Life

-Take of your mental, physical, and spiritual hygiene

-Eat according to your bodytype

And much more

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Train to be Naked and Beautiful