New Program for 2020

My newest program (and first program of 2020) has arrived

90 Days to Diesel

This program is a joint collaboration with my bro Josiah Novak. ​

I had never quite written a straight hypertrophy program with a sole emphasis on Progressive Overload, and that is 90 Days of Diesel is. Like all my programs, there is a meta emphasis. For 90DD (I just came up with that), its for the trainee to learn how Progressive Overload actually works on a week to week basis, and how long term strength gains correspond to mass gains.

The program itself is simple

  • 4 lifting days weekly
  • 60-75 minute workouts
  • Optimal exercise selection to put on mass

Like all programs I've written, it requires access to a commercial gym​

90DD also includes an exercise guide to the top 5 most effective mass building movements for every muscle group, a diet guide for mass gain, and a recipe book as well for a variety of high protein meals.

Additionally, there is option for 12 weeks of Group Coaching, which will be done by Josiah and myself in a private Slack channel. 

If you want to build MASS in 2020, this is the perfect program to start off your journey and get you on the right path. 

Get 90 Days of Diesel