New Program Relaunch-SKINY FAT MANIFESTO

Does any of the following describe you?

  • -narrow shoulders
  • -small joints and thin limbed overall
  • -wide waist
  • -Low Libido, not really interested in sex
  • -definitely NOT "naturally athletic" or strong
  • -naturally "soft" with not much muscle tone
  • -you gain fat easily in the stomach and chest
  • -you gain weight easily from carbs
  • -bulking did nothing but make you fat when you tried it
  • -you’d consider yourself a naturally low energy type of person

If you are nodding your head reading that list, you are probably a skinny fat guy.

And you've probably struggled to change your bodycomposition as a result. 

Flat out, most conventional fitness advice DOES NOT WORK.

As a result, training is frustrating, diet is frustrating, and people struggle for years or decades to change their physique.

This guide is the solution to your frustrations. In this guide you will learn 

  • How to increase your testosterone levels
  • What lifts to prioritize, and what lifts to avoid
  • How to optimize your diet for hormonal health
  • How to cycle calories, carbs, for maximum fat loss and muscle gain
  • 4,5, and 6 day weekly training schedules
  • What measurements to take to easily track progress
  • why to cut back on alcohol 

  • why to never bulk and cut

  • what kind of cardio to perform

And much much more. This guide is newly updated, over 100+ pages, and has everything you need to permanently transform your physique. 

As this its relaunch weekend, its only $35

Take advantage, and start applying it

Get the Skinny Fat Manifesto