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Today at the gym, I watched an older man attempting to bench press. When I say attempting...

1. He loaded 225 on the bar. Not terribly heavy weight, but enough that at least denotes a man has some decent level of muscle 

2. He got underneath the bar, and unracked it....

3. He proceeded to do multiple sets of quarter reps. 

4. He added more weight, and did what you could call "pulse" reps, barely lowering the weight then locking it 

This gentlemen was wearing a weight belt the entire time, which held back a significant gut. He had elbow wraps on both elbows.

He followed up his partial ROM bench pressing with cable flys and machine flys. 

The whole thing was a spectacle in how NOT to train

  • Doing an exercise that clearly was messing up his joints? Check
  • Not having enough muscle mass or flexibility to do even do the exercise
  • Likely to lose muscle from how he was training? Check

    It was everything I tell older trainees NOT to do 

As you age, its critically important to maintain THREE things

  • Healthy joints with a full range of motion
  • Muscle mass
  • Strength

That requires smart exercise selection, training in moderate rep ranges, and using a Full range of motion. 

You DO NOT want to be that older man whose trying to relive his glory days, doing half reps or quarter reps and worsening his posture and biomechanics. 

That gentlemen was the perfect candidate for the Longevity Training Guide. Not that he'd likely listen to the suggestion (the male ego protects its own stupidity heavily), but he could have used it. 

Don't be that guy, be smarter than that. 

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