Plant Based Muscle Building

There is enough conflicting information for meat eaters in regards to nutrition and how to eat to build muscle.

It's even worse for plant based people.

Building muscle is difficult, and your diet is the key. It's what makes it or breaks it. And having worked with vegetarian and vegan clients has made it clear for me that there is a great need for a concise guide that will actually help you.

You may not know this, but I wrote Nutrition guide specifically for YOU

Because many of my followers are vegetarians or vegans, and I got the same questions over and over

  • "What protein sources do you recommend?"
  • "Do I need to change anything being vegan/vegetarian?"
  • "What supplements do you recommend?"

So I wrote up a guide that answers all the questions and more. 

It explains the the Number One issue for vegetarians and vegans that prevents them from building muscle, and the 20 strategies to follow to ensure that you overcome this. 

  • how to structure diet
  • Best and worst plant protein sources
  • Rate of muscle gain to expect
  • how amino acids work
  • how to create musclebuilding meals
  • essential supplements 

Additionally, you'll learn in how how to use your Bodytype to figure out Your macros split, how to time your nutrition around when you train, and the 

 Six Major Factors for muscle growth. 

As you’ll learn in this guide, so long as macro-nutrient needs are being met, food choice can vary greatly.

There are no rules about where you get your protein, carbs, and fats from. What matters is the quality and the quantity.

Plant based eating and muscle building is entirely possible and reasonable. With a proper understanding of nutrition principles, and a strategic understanding and application of what to eat, you should have no issue building muscle, getting stronger, and creating results for yourself.

The guide is only $35, and includes a full 12 week training program as well to get you started. 

If you want to cut through all the confusion and the bullshit, and start finally building muscle and losing body fat with plant based eating, in 12 weeks you'll be thankful you made this investment. 

Get Plant Based Nutrition