Posture Can Be Trained Like Anything Else

"Do you have a program for posture specifically? I remember you having one in the past"

I do, its called the Posture Program

Posture is not mystical at all, and its entirely trainable. 

Good posture reflects optimal musculoskeletal alignment, and is aesthetically pleasing to see.

  • Your head floats over your neck, with easy rotation side to side and extension and flexion looking up and down
  • Your shoulders are aligned with your head, and your shoulder blades rest flat on your back, creating shoulder width and not creating neck tightness or stiffness
  • You arms rest in a neutral position, right at the sides of your body
  • Your ribcage is aligned with your pelvis, and your pelvis is parallel with gravity
  • Your weight is balanced, with equal weight distribution between your forefoot and your heel.

Good posture is not subjective. When your body is aligned, you maximize your lung capacity and breathing, you have fluidity in your movement, and you move efficiently. There is no wasted energy in your movement economy.

You can use all the postural cues you want to remind yourself to stand up straighter, but fundamentally they won't make a long term difference unless you strengthen your body. You can temporarily straighten yourself out, but these reminders are not permanent solutions.

Improving Posture Starts with the Torso

Often times we get told that posture is feet, ankles, knees, hips, core...This is sort of true, but what gets overlooked is that your HEAD and SPINAL ALIGNMENT are what play the biggest role. If your spine is misaligned, everything else below the spine is likely to be out of wack. 

Ive solved "bad posture" many times over by addressing peoples lack of spinal muscle, and then the other issues steadily resolve themselves without need for intervention

f you want to your posture to be aligned straight, you NEED to have the muscle to support this alignment.

And more specifically, you need to have the muscle on your posterior chain, which is where most people lack muscle.

The Posture Program will FIX You 

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