Quads of Gods Testimonial

Hey Alexander,

Another testimonial for you. Right after completing your Posterior Power program I took a week off from the gym to rest and recover.

After the rest I jumped right into Quads of Gods.

Once started on this program I completely understood why you had named it so


Used to come out of the gym with noodle legs. Thought about taking the ramp a few times instead of the stairs.

Loved the fact some of the back exercises during this program were a complete first to me.

IE: Snatch Grip Deadlift and Reeves Low Cable Row

Two variations of common exercises I’ve never heard of and yet so fucking effective.

The legs obviously got most of the priority, but as I was progressing through the program one big thing I did notice however my back was becoming stronger and wider on the low.

I loved how balanced the strength was being distributed within my body.


Just wanted to say thank you for your work and the content you create. DON'T STOP.

That is a Hell of a Testimonial..

Quads of Gods is exactly what it says, a thigh focused program that is 12 weeks long and designed to end having skinny chicken legs. 

It does require a gym. FYI

The goal is the program is LEG mass. 

Its not an EASY program by any means, but the results are undeniable

Ive put it on sale for only $20 for the next 20 gentlemen that purchase

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