Whats up everyone,

No doubt by now everyone has heard the big news: the USA is undergoing QUARANTINE. 

Schools are closed

Businesses are closed

People are working from home

Employees are being put on leave

Even High end gyms in some major cities have shut

A lot of people of contacted me today that they are going to be training at home for the next few weeks, and do I have anything I could suggest.

To make this useful for everyone, I decided to do this. 

I DO have a bodyweight only, minimalist training program that can be done from home

Bodyweight Bedrock.

Many of you got this program when it was released.

And it was in fact made SPECIFICALLY for people had contacted me requesting a concrete at home training program. 

One that was not just random bodyweight movements thrown together, but a REAL program that would get them bigger and stronger and leaner. 

That was what I wrote it for. 

And it would be the IDEAL program to start right now. 

And Im putting it on sale for the rest of the month.

THAT is your Train-from-home-and-still-make-gains solution.

Get Bodyweight Bedrock