Skinny Fat Home Gym Training?

Whats up everybody? 

The Skinnyfat manifesto has been arguably the most life changing program I've written, as there are many many men who fall into this demographic, and they STRUGGLE with conventional gym advice

The Skinnyfat Manifesto was written for a very specific audience

-Not naturally muscular

-Thin build with smaller joints

-Slow to gain strength and size

-Puts on weight easily 

-Constantly caught between needing to cut because bellyfat wont go away, but cannot put on muscle either

Its a very very frustrating position to be in. 

I wrote the Skinnyfat Manifesto to be the solution to these problems. 

This results its delivered have been fantastic... 

I had one come in recently, this gentlemen had amazing results

Incredible progress right?

He emailed me a few days ago, because he didnt know how to train with the gym being closed. 

I gave him some suggestions on bodyweight work work and progressions, and it got me thinking, 

Could I adjust the SkinnyFat Manifesto to be done in a Home Gym? 

No Barbells, No machines, note even dumbbells? 

I went back and redesigned EVERY workout

I updated the SkinnyFat Manifesto to be done in a HOME GYM. 

FYI, that does not "no equipment except a jug of water" 

It means a home gym setup, the program requires 



-A weighted 

-A stability ball

But there is ZERO barbell work, zero dumbbell work, and absolutely no machines. 

If you bought the SkinnyFat Manifesto in the past, you WILL be updated with the new program

And if you have not gotten the SF Manifesto


Unfat and Unskinny yourself