Tall Bros, I wasted many years so you didn't have to. Listen up!

I wasted a lot years of training doing exercises that never worked for my body structure. I've got long arms, I've got long legs, I've got a relatively short torso, and it took me many years to realize that those exercises that never quite felt right...they were NEVER going to feel right.

Muscle growth and strength is highly dependent on the biomechanics of the exercise. The most effective exercise is the one that you can feel in the muscle you are targeting, and that you continue to feel as you add weight to that exercise. If you're doing a movement that never creates intramuscular tension very effectively, or it does so in a misaligned manner, you're either going to see minimal results, or/and you'll also injure yourself at some point as distorted fascial tension builds up.

Ie, you'll always be feeling tight from training and start having "mobility" issues that were in fact caused by your LIFTING.

I wrote Tall Man Training for men like you and me, men over 6ft tall. Get it today for $30 (usually $53).

The program contains these resources:

  • The Tall Man Program - the main guide
  • Tall Man Eating for Muscle Growth
  • The 70s Bulk - Tall Man Edition
  • Cheat Sheet - Top 10 Mass Builders for Tall Man
  • AJAC Life Training Log (if you get the Cerebral version)

Click the link and train smart and safe.

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