Tall Men need to train differently

If you're over 6ft and genetically blessed, you'll have large bone structure and be a great athlete who finds it easy to build size and is naturally very strong. 

If you're not so genetically blessed, you might still be explosive, but LANKY. 

You've got long arms, long legs, and build muscle mass is just plain hard. Your proportions work against you. 

I wrote a program specifically for men in this situation. Its called


It covers the entire body, every major muscle group

-The best exercises

-the worst exercises

-the suggested set and rep ranges

-how to avoid injury

The entire guide is around 100 pages in length, it goes into extreme daily.

I also just added a "Mass Gain cheat sheet" with the top 10 exercises you need to be doing in your training 


the program is 20% off this weekend

Are you a Tall Man? Get Tall Man Training