The Stale Zone

Train for long enough, and you will eventually hit a point where training becomes... Stale. 

You've been doing the same exercises. 

Using the same sets and reps. 

You've made some gains, maybe, but not as fast you would like (it never is). 

You've hit hard for awhile, you've backed off, you have tried to go hard again. 

Training can get BORING. It absolutely can. 

The common suggestion is "changing it up!", but doing so arbitrarily can be a waste of time as well

Change it up to what?

Change for the sake of change is not any guarantee of that change being productive or useful. 

What I Recommend for getting out of the Stale Zone...

When you're feeling stuck in your training, remind yourself WHY you are in the gym. 

If you are a Bro, it is to get bigger and stronger. You want to build muscle. 

So follow a program that will do exactly that for you. 

There is almost nothing more motivating than making progressive, straightforward gains in strength every week. Its easy to stay motivated when you know you're going to show up to the gym ready to beat your logbook and be stronger than the week prior. 

That is what 90 Days of Diesel is. 

Is it the worlds greatest craziest most advanced most technical most evidence based most sciency program to ever exist? 

NO. Of course not. No program is

You guys know I don't hype that way. 

But it is a program that will 

A) demonstrate to you the power of focus 

B) teach you how to get stronger/bigger long term

C) Definitely put muscle on you if you follow it to the letter

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