The Ultimate Training Principle

When I wrote this program, I was channeling the most fundamental Tao of Bro Principle


I write about this often, but the power of this cannot be overstated

The only way for growth to occur is through the gradual push beyond one's current limits.

​​This principle underlies everything in training, and in life. You cannot understand it without experiencing it, and you cannot experience it without applying it, and you cannot know it without living it.

Its entirely true that fitness bros can have narrow, monastic, often times BORING lives.

But you will never encounter a Bro that does not deeply understand the value and practice of soulful and committed effort, and of constantly testing one's limits in order to succeed in ones goals.

Progress does not happen otherwise. There is no expediting the process.

In the words of the immortal Rich Piana

"Are you truly doing whatever it takes?"

​Progressive Overload is not only a principle of exercise and training, its how you LIVE your entire life.

This is why "lifting weights" is the most impactful, most effective, most life changing you can do for yourself.

Its also why an effective program can change your body, and your mindset, for the rest of your life

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