This is the EASIEST Way to Build Muscle

Bodyweight Training. 

There is nothing that is secret about this, or revolutionary. Its simple scientific fact. 

If you want to add muscle mass and build strength, you can perform simple movements that use your own weight as resistance



Bodyweight Squats


To name a few. 

You do these to the point of hitting fatigue or positive failure, and you do them frequently enough, you will promote muscle growth. 

To handle the stress of these exercises, muscle is built. The adaptive mechanism of biology always wants to limit stress. Applied to the body, that means muscle and strength make movement easier. 

It is THAT simple. 

For clients that have come to me that struggle to build muscle, or think they are doomed to be skinny, I always ask what their relative strength is, 

Ie, how strong are they at bodyweight movements? 

How many pushups can do they? 

How many pullups? 

How many dips? 

How easily can they lunge? 

If they STRUGGLE with basic bodyweight exercises, then I know immediately they've got muscle gains that have been untapped. 

I have number of programs that use bodyweight training. 

Some are advanced, others are extremely simple. 

The most popular and longest running program is FIGHT CLUB PHYSIQUE

It is a bodyweight only program. 

The only real equipment you need is pullup/chinup bar. 

That is it. The entire time, you are using your own weight for every workout

The program gets results. Very very good results. 

My Programs work, as I like to say. You do them, they work. 

Bodyweight training, you do works. 

If you are in need of a simple, effective, and proven program that will build muscle, strength, and change the way you look 

Get Fight Club Physique

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