To Crush your arms, and ravage their women with a sick bicep pump

"The greatest pleasure in life is to crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and then to ravage their women with a sick fucking bicep pump"

~Gengis Kahn, probably~

Be real. You want bigger arms. 

And I have the solution 

The 21 Guns Guide is the Ultimate Guide in Effective Arm Training

  • The top 10 movements for biceps and triceps
  • the best set and reps schemes
  • how to sequence an arm workout for maximum pump
  • what exercises to avoid that cause injury and tendonitis
  • a 4 week program for arm MASS
  • a 10 WEEK program if your arms are really lacking and need long term focus


A 30 Point Tactical Guide on how to make every arm workout your most effective 

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