Top 5 Benefits of Bodyweight Training

Training bodyweight and training with weights are not mutually exclusive, but mastering your own weight IS the foundation of athleticism 

You could mourn the loss of the gym, or view as an opportunity to increase you functional strength and athleticism. 

There are 5 major reasons to master bodyweight movements and make them a regular part of your training:

1. It’s the most direct and immediate way to build muscle.

Bodyweight exercises can be performed by anyone, regardless of training experience. Foundational compound movements like pushup, squat, bodyweight row, pullup, these exercises will put muscle on the arms, chest, back, shoulders, and lower body swiftly, with a noticeable increase in strength.

2. It develops kinesthetic awareness and mind-muscle connection

The average man today lacks connection with his body, both in how he moves and what he feels. He moves awkwardly, and has no sense of how his body functions. Bodyweight training is the remedy to this. Bodyweight exercises will awaken the mind to the body’s muscles, you will FEEL what muscles perform what actions, and learn how your body moves through space. Mastering your bodyweight is the best way to improve overall athleticism.

3. It gives you the strength and muscle base for external loads

Getting strong at bodyweight movements gets you stronger at lifting weights, and vice versa. Rather than think you should do only one or the other, do BOTH and enjoy the synergistic effect. The strong you become on bodyweight exercises, the more prepared you will be for lifting weights, and the more intuitive externally loaded movements will be.

4. Bodyweight Exercises can be done almost anywhere

Free weights require a gym of some kind, and machines take up space. With your body though, you are your own machine. Even if you are traveling, or have limited space, you can still perform a bodyweight workout routine and maintain your results. And if you want to build a bodyweight home gym space, you need only a minimum of space to do so.

5. Results come FAST

Bodyweight exercises can noticeably improve week to week, and this makes training them very encouraging for new trainees. The body recovers quickly, and changes can be seen within a few days. Done consistently, bodyweight training can transform a person in a relatively short period of time. 

How to start bodyweight training? 

The Home Workout Guide has 51 individual bodyweight workouts in, AND I added a new guide of the Top 25 Bodyweight movements along with it.

Get to training, no excuses

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