Train Like an Athlete

While all of my programs will get you bigger, leaner, stronger, there is one in particular that I wrote specifically for athletic performance

The Hercules Program

What makes this program athletically oriented? The workouts are designed specifically for POWER production, ie, moving weights faster and producing higher force output. Each workout begins with an explosive movement specifically to train this quality. 

The Hercules Program is also SIX Days a Week

This is a high frequency program as well. While the workouts are only about 1 hour in length, you will be in the gym essentially every day (sundays are the off day for recovery) 

Its an ideal program for someone who loves to train. 

Its also an Adaptable Program

This was the most recent 5 star review from a gentlemen who is...59

What Equipment does this Program require? 

Barbell, Dumbells, and chinup and dip bars. If you have that, you have everything you need to execute the program to full effect

The Hercules Program is on sale for only $30 

Take advantage Gentlemen 

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