Training for Tall Men over 6ft

Tall Man Training
3 Years ago, I wrote an entire programming guide (which Ive updated continuously) on how to optimize your lifting if you are a man over 6 feet. 

Those who have done my programs know, my programming solutions are highly technical, methodical, and principle based. I dont bullshit people with over hyped solutions or claims of being revolutionary. The Tall Man Training Guide is no different

The reality if you are tall is that its very possible you have structural and leverage disadvantage for various lifts, and if you want to maximize your training results, then you need to be intelligent in your exercise selection and technique. 

I go muscle group by muscle group through the entire guide, covering the best and worst exercises, technical considerations, and there are two programs offered as well that put the principles into practice. If you have struggled with muscle gain, this WILL solve your problem. 

and If you are SERIOUS about improving both your results and training knowledge, GET THE GUIDE.

its only $25 this weekend, a hell of a deal

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