Training From Home?

This past year and half has resulted in many people building dedicated home gyms, and I get asked about home gym workouts almost every day now.

If you have a serious gym home, the best program I would recommend is the Push Pull Legs Program that I released a few months ago

The PPL program requires barbells, dumbbells, bodyweight, zero machines of any kind. 

Obviously its not a "minimalist" program still, but if you are working with a "garage gorilla" setup and you've got a barbell and plates and DBs up to 50 lbs, you can fully do the program.

This SERIOUS program that can be done by beginner, intermediates, and advanced trainees. It follows a simple 3 workout schedule, with one day repeating each week. You train 4 days a week, and never more than that. It can even be dropped down to 3 days weekly. 

It combines powerlifting and bodybuilding influences, with heavy, moderate, and light weights in every workout, and effective exercise selection. The workouts follow a Push, pull, legs split. Pushing muscles are chest shoulders triceps, pulling is back and biceps, and legs are trained on the third day, quads glutes hamstrings and calves. 

This style of program has been used for decades to get bigger and stronger. It is tried and proven many many many times over.

PPL is extremely adaptable, and in this program, aside from the 12 weeks of scheduled workouts, you'll be getting a learning primer on how to setup your own training in the long term, and what factors in recovery, volume, and exercise selection to consider. 

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