Who has got Chicken Legs

What’s up everybody,

Every year for the last 10 years, I’ve trained legs on Valentine’s Day.

Not just a typical leg day, but what I call a “Valentines massacre” workout; a high rep, high volume leg day that leaves my legs sore for days after

This is what I did yesterday

1. Leg Press 4x50 (add weight each set, so the last of 50 is a true to failure, grinder set)

superset with

2. Bodyweight Hindu Squats 4x25

3. DB Sumo Squat 4x25

superset with

4. Step-ups, 4x10/10

5. Walking Lunges 5x10/10 steps each leg, alternating

Whats this workout for exactly? Its taxing and will tire you out, 

But its also a very potent stimulator for muscle growth, and in the short term, meaning a few weeks or months, training this way can result in impressive muscle gain (provided your nutrition is on point) 

Especially for people with Skinny legs, the most tried and proven training tactic is to BLAST your legs with high volume. In 10 years I've never seen this not work. Legs are a muscle that the more you work them, the more they grow. 

Not every muscle group responds this way, but the legs do. If you have skinny legs, high volume is the way to go

And Quads of Gods is the program to follow. 

One day only, this program is $14. Thats it. 

Its one of my oldest programs from 2016, and its barebones simple in its instructions

-Train 4 days weekly

-Put the rest of the body on maintenance with 2 push/pull days

-train legs twice a weekly

-perform high volume high rep workouts twice a week

-Do this for 12 weeks

-Watch your legs grow every time you take your pants off and look in the mirror 

Get Quads of Gods