Why Bodyweight Works Lead to Plateaus

A Plateau-A common fitness term referring to when someone is making zero progress on anything

Most bodyweight workouts I see online are effective in the short term, but in the long term, the "gains" will stop within a few weeks. 

Why is that? 

Zero progressive overload

Progressive overload is the principle of making gradual strength gains through increased reps and resistance

But very very few bodyweight workouts ever take this into account. They aren't written for long term progress, they are only written to be HARD and have some do tons of reps.

Using Bodyweight is not different than any other kind of resistance training. 

You want to train with ALL the rep ranges

Yet most bodyweight training does not do this. You're only encouraged to try to do higher reps to failure. 


For improving strength endurance, its great. But if you can do 50 pushups in a row, I can tell you're chest and arms wont be much bigger, if at all, when you can do 100 reps in a row. 

Just because something is hard does not mean it is effective

Its no different than using free weights. Imagine you start doing bicep curls with 25lbs, for 10 reps, you eventually get to doing 30 reps in a set. 

Cool, your biceps SHOULD be bigger. But rather than increase the weight, you just keep doing more reps.

Wont that make your arms huge? 

NO, it wont. Because you're not increasing mechanical tension demand on the muscles. They're not having to handle more weight, they only need to get really efficient at moving the same weight over and over. 

Strength endurance has its place in training, but if high reps are ALL you are doing, you're going to plateau quickly. 

Whats the solution then? 

Simple. Add WEIGHT to your bodyweight exercises. 

Bodyweight exercises are like any other exercise. Don't just do more reps, make those reps harder by increasing the resistance

This is what I've done in the Bodyweight Bedrock Program 

Every week, you train bodyweight exercises with both weighted and non weighted versions 

You do both moderate rep weighted sets for increasing strength, and higher rep sets for strength endurance. 

This combination of strength and strength endurance training is how you build Strength and Muscle at the same time

Its the strategy I use in ALL of my other programs, and I use it to full effect in this one as well.

You WILL Build Muscle and Strength on This Program, and look very very different in 12 weeks

Follow the program to the letter, and I guarantee it 

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