YOKED is now $25 on Presale. 

Yoked is a full 12 week, 4x weekly hypertrophy for the upper back, specifically increasing the size of the TRAPS and the density of the thoracic back muscles. 

The yoke muscles are only developed through HEAVY weight, hard lifting from the floor to overhead, and long time under tension. There is no "light" or easy way to develop the yoke muscles, you need to LIFT, and lift HARD. 

YOKED is a full program and guide that teaches you how to train the traps and the upper back, their functionality in lifting and athletics, how to train your neck, the most effective exercises to include in your training

And it includes 4 day programs, 5 day program, neck workouts, and much more. 


Yoked is being released this FRIDAY, at 12pm pacific time. As this is a 12 week program, it will be awesome to kick off your next training phase for Spring. 

For the next 24 HOURS, it will be on PRESALE for $25. This will bump to $30 come tomorrow (and the program itself will be $53 after the launch is over)

If you want to get YOKED, PREORDER IT NOW