Wolverine and Hollywood Transformations

Whenever a new big budget action film comes out with a newly chiseled leading actor, its common to read a to of media hype about the "transformation" they went through. 

Generally speaking, celebrity transformations are a bunch of bullshit: their weight gain is massively exaggerated, their bodyfat % is higher, their cut look is camera angles and filters and editing. 

And it's extremely common they use steroids. And then go off them as soon as filming is done. 

Which is why very very very few actors ever hold onto the "look" they had for the film. 

There are exceptions though.  

Hugh Jackman, aka, Wolverine

How long do you think a legitimate physical transformation takes?

12 weeks?

6 months?

12 months?

Reality, it’s YEARS.

Training is life long process, and every truly impressive body you’ll see is the result of thousands of days of work and effort.

Jackman 30 years old when he was cast to play Wolverine in 1999. THIRTY. He was an untrained 30 year old man, 6’2 in height, who looked to weight about 165-170lbs.

Some people might cry about “steroids!!”, and it’s certainly probable that he did eventually utilize them.

But this overlooks the fact that from getting cast at 30 as Wolverine, to his final appearance at age 49, he trained diligently for almost twenty years.

In the two pictures above, there is 13 years between these two photos. 

Imagine training your ass off for a DECADE. How do you think you might look?

There is no way to hack this. 

And there is no other actor that has come remotely close to looking like what he looked like.

He trained hard and he ate right for Decades. He never stopped once he started. His attitude was one of hard work and long term thinking.

There is no program that can make you look like Wolverine...

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